Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Government Blob minus Steve McQueen

Does anyone remember the movie "The Blob"? I know there was at least one bad remake, maybe two.

The current Blob remake is the worst yet.

Has Washington ever, ever, ever gotten hold of anything that didn't blob? It grows, it consumes, it takes over and unfortunately once it's taken hold there's nothing that can kill it.

Currently those in Washington are trying to start another alien Blob, this time it is so alien to our American values that we are in the process of trying to freeze it before it takes hold. I'm not sure we are going to be successful given the collaboration between Nancy Pelosi, Barnie Frank, Henry Paulsen, President Bush and Chris Dodd (strange bedfellows, hmm?).

My favorite quote: Republican Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia described the bill as "a huge cow patty with a piece of marshmallow stuck in the middle. I'm not going to eat that cow patty."

Here's my HUH??? Say What??? for the day:
From Forbes Magazine on-line: After a week and a half of marathon
negotiations extensively modified the original $700 billion proposal from the
Treasury, and leaders on both sides of the House aisle had expressed their
support, the legislation was voted down 228-205. Had 12 legislators switched
their votes, the measure would have succeeded. The bill won the support of 140
Democrats and was opposed by 95. It was House Republicans that stymied
the legislation, voting 133-65 against it.
(bold emphasis mine)

How in the world can anyone write that 95 Democrats voted against it, 12 legislators yes votes were needed to pass, yet it was the Republicans that stymied the legislation???

I'm glad for the Republicans and Democrats who voted no, and frankly, I'm surprised that all of a sudden these free-market Wall Street guys who hate it when government steps on their toes is all of a sudden ready to cozy up with regulation, politics and oversight when they goof.

Let's hope that the cooling off time today and tomorrow (not sure about whether tomorrow is also a day off?) will have given Republicans a chance to fine-tune a different plan and tactic.

How John McCain came out of this mess looking bad surprises me, although I guess it shouldn't since the media isn't on his side.

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