Friday, September 19, 2008

Tidbits of news on Sarah Palin, John McCain and Barack Obamation

Found this on another Read My Lipstick blog, Draft Sarah Palin I think ( but I just read a bunch of them so could be wrong easily!

Well worth tagging as a favorite and checking often.

They caught the guy who hacked into Sarah Palin's email!!! The son of a Democratic Representative, like we didn't know it was going to have ties to the Dems, right? Talk about messing up the rest of your life! Course, the Dems are going to make him a hero albeit a pretty dumb one given he only set up one proxy before hacking. Duh. The kid is in college? Must be making his dad real proud. One thing that is frightening is how easy it must be to hack into someone's email account!

Heard McCain gave a stellar, rousing speech this morning that was played on Fox News. I haven't heard it but I've rec'd emails and calls about it so it much have been fantastic.

Sarah's interview with Sean Hannity was great! So much better than the sham hit job Gibson's crew tried to do on her and failed. There were so many subtle ways Charlie Gibson set her up it's worth a study class in a college class. The lighting, the chair, the placement of the chair and Gibson, the way he asked his questions, the play on his face, the room setting, I could go on and on.

If you 're bored, go pull up the interview with Gibson and the one with Sean and pretend like you're playing that game where you try to spot the differences.

There are subtle things that are tells about how someone feels or thinks. For instance, in my last paragraph / sentence I called Charlie Gibson "Gibson" and Sean Hannity "Sean". I'm more comfortable and like Sean better thus I automatically call him by his first name.

Nobody calls Barack Obama "Barack". Even the people who like him don't like him .

The thing with the Spanish ad is typical and despicable. I heard Limbaugh did an op ed in the Wall Street Journal about it, not sure when it's going to run. I have to read it!

Is anyone hearing anything about Obama's talk with the Iraq mucky-mucks about not decreasing troops until after he's elected? I heard something about it but it sure hasn't been much of a news story (who's surprised?).

There is so much going on in the political world right now! I don't remember ever being this involved or concerned about the future of our country! I am fired up and out there working every which way I can go make sure people VOTE for MCCAIN-PALIN! We're not going to be able to do it unless we have enthusiastic people who're willing to put some action with their words.

Saw that one of our new Read My Lipstick Network members has a petition going. It's at Go check it out and sign it! After you sign it there's a page where they ask for money --- that is NOT money for the petition or the blog or blog owner, that's just a donation the site doing the petition is asking for and you do NOT have to donate.

Back to the grind for this gal. Have a wonderful day, go get a couple of votes for McCain-Palin!

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