Sunday, September 28, 2008

Let Sarah be Sarah!

It is so clear that some of the guys who think they know everything are holding the real Sarah hostage! I've seen her past stuff, before she hit the VP trail. I saw her stuff before they finally got to her.

Jeez, we don't care if she doesn't know everything there is to know about foreign affairs, she'd the veep for goodness sake, not the top guy. She knows more than a heck of a lot of our past Presidents did when they took office. All she has to say is that's John McCain's job and I'll be ready by the time we take office in January. She has from November 4th until January 1 to get up to snuff on all the stuff.

She's probably putting a ton of pressure on herself to try and be the whiz kid, too. She's used to excelling in everything she does and this is a big chunk of change to handle. Everyone else who has ever run for veep or for prez has thought about it for years and they've studied the issues knowing where they were hoping to end up someday. Sarah Palin hasn't had that luxury and so she's not up on every little stupid nuance or item that the press wants to trip her up on.

The ditsy Kathleen Parker on National Review should know she's now the darling of the liberal media for doing what they've wanted conservatives to do all along, which is to jump on Sarah Palin. Finally they have someone who's willing to jump ship on the conservative side and to me it's traitorous. Think what you want in the privacy of your home, but no conservative journalist should ever give the liberals something that inflammatory to crow about deliberately.

We don't want perfection, we want honesty. We don't mind someone who has a lot to learn. If Kathleen Parker had been thinking straight she'd realize that Palin has more experience than Barack Obama and has made fewer gaffs than Joe Biden.

John McCain's dudes and dudettes need to leave Sarah alone and let her be Sarah.

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Jem said...

You are so right. Try to find 3 people who would want Biden running the country.