Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wake Up America Movement

If you'd like to get involved, go sign up at! This is a great active group with lots of excellent help for members (free).

W.A.M. ( appreciates your interest in Truth in Media. Here is a brief summary from last Monday night and what you can do to assist this cause.

Last Monday's TELEVENT focused on W.A.M. network participants becoming the Media - in other words, informing the public on what's really happening in Washington in place of the hype, information black-outs and propaganda on MSM.

W.A.M. TELEVENT revealed MainstreamMedia techniques for impressing the public via one common lie - told at the same time across major airwaves and press - to spread its story fast through multiple channels and outlets, simultaneously, thus making it's message most credible and impressed on the public - by repetitive use of common phrases, keywords and shared taglines.

This W.A.M. TELEVENT revealed, in particular, some of the biggest lies packaged in the current HR1 legislation AND the fact that, though it is NOT revealed to the public, this spending-spree package is actually ONLY THE FIRST of several bills yet to come - and laying in wait - all designed to break our US economy and social structure, NOT really to save it!

If you were in this TELEVENT - or had wished to do so - then we ask you to join us for this follow-up TSUNAMI MEDIA Conference this coming Monday at 8:30 PM. - provided you are willing to actively assist in outreach to the public with the real facts - in 1 of these ways:

- A LARGE EMAIL LIST which you have
- An internet FORUM to which you belong
- network outreach to a like-minded GROUP in which you are a member

OR: if you don't have access to an expanded readership in 1 of the ways listed above, you can still help this REFORM cause - in a significant way - by assisting W.A.M. with outreach into MAINSTREAM MEDIA itself by:

*Sending Letters to Editors; Sending Press Releases to Local Media in your state; Calling in to TalkRadio shows;

-Help TSUNAMI MEDIA break through into National Media

If you want to actively assist in this TRUTH IN MEDIA outreach - then you should be in on this MONDAY's TSUNAMI MEDIA CONFERENCE from 8:30 - 9:30 PM/ET (Note: At 9:30 this conference will close with an (optional) 30 minutes of added discussion exclusively for interested BLOGGERS.

(You already had been sent the call-in # for last Monday's TELEVENT. This TSUNAMI MEDIA conference will use that #- if you don't have the #, send an RSVP reply email here for the # to call. Please include your name and what type of outreach you want to do.)

Thanks for participating in this grass roots Truth in Media effort,

Wake Up America movement