Thursday, October 2, 2008

See the commercial? Abortion Group, Rape Victims

Someone, and I don't remember who, had a blog about the charge that Governor Palin made people pay for pregnancy testing when raped? I can't remember the exact details. One of our sister bloggers talked about how she looked into it and basically Wasilla was doing what almost everyone does which is ask the insurance companies to pay for the test???

Anyway, an abortion rights group has a commercial and is throwing out the charge that Sarah Palin would charge rape victims. It's been proven to be incorrect.

Whoever wrote that blog, I'd love it if you'd copy it and post it as a response to this so we'll have the facts! I may copy and paste it into a blog (and give credit, of course).

Didn't our gal Sarah do a wonderful job tonight? Fox News has a poll that shows her winning the debate (86%). Of course, CNN has her losing (39%) with Biden at 51%. Very telling when it comes to showing the different audiences watching. Then again, Fox News blows CNN away on the ratings, so we know who does a better job .

OK, I have to get back in there to the TV and hear some more PRAISE for Governor Palin's performance tonight. WOW.

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