Friday, September 26, 2008

Going after Sarah Palin

The media is continuing to go after Sarah Palin. In this fragile world where polls fluctuate and the media rules the roost, every upward lift of Sarah's eyebrow is tracked and attacked.

I don't know how anyone can handle being in the political limelight these days.

Can you imagine having your family attacked continually? having every bit of your life parsed and dissected and then perverted to fit someones preconceived notions of how they want it to be? having every friend and enemy you've ever had put on television to talk about you?

On top of all that, imagine going non-stop with minimal sleep in strange places.

Imagine having your brain crammed full of data non-stop when all you really want to do is kick back and rest for fifteen minutes on the bus or plane between meetings.

Think about being followed everywhere you go by hoards of photographers and reporters who are willing to follow you into the toilet stall if they can get an exclusive photo or comment.

On top of all that, the people who are on your side have varying opinions they're not shy about sharing on your clothing, the way you talk, who you talk to, where you shop, how you fix your hair or makeup and probably the type toothpaste you use. They want to mold you into whatever image they think "sells" best to the American public.

I would think it might even be worse knowing you had huge numbers of fans who looked to you as a role model or had you up on a pedestal.

I hope that every praying person in this country is sending positive thoughts toward and positive prayers upward for Sarah Palin and her family.

John McCain and all the others are used to the trashy media and have developed thicker skins. Our Sarah seems to have pretty thick skin and be a strong, strong lady, but there are going to be times when she's down and needs all the support we can give!

Let's stick together and let's stick with Sarah!

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