Thursday, March 26, 2009

In support of Jim Tedisco

We're in a race for the life of our country. Where's the race? New York. But, just because it's not in your state doesn't mean it's not important. Oh no, this one is critically important to every freedom loving person in the United States.

Right now in Congress we are woefully outnumbered and are being out maneuvered with the help of the media and Obama's civilian army. We need every single seat we can get and this one is critical. It's huge. It's important. So, so very important. I can't stress how important.

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, the Democratic Party, Obama and every liberal lefty from ACORN to Soros are trying to win this seat.

We can win it but not without the help of patriots across the country. If you can man the phones and call potential voters, volunteer. If all you can do is send a $10 donation, send it. If you have relatives in New York, call them.

Go to his website and sign up to volunteer or donate. Here's a link to make a donation (doesn't matter how small, although $1 won't cover the cost of processing the donation so try for a bit more please):

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sarah Palin and Jim Tedisco

Many of you received today a message from "sarahPAC" (, Sarah Palin's political action committee. (If you didn't, you can sign up there to receive e-mail alerts.)

Today's e-mail outlined the PAC's purpose: to provide financial (and other) support for candidates who share Gov. Palin's values of smaller government, individual liberty, respect for our nation's diversity, and economic opportunity. It also indicated that Gov. Palin will be campaigning in the lower-48 soon.

One important race Gov. Palin presumably will be focusing on is the effort by Republican Assembly leader Jim Tedisco to win the open seat in NY's 20th congressional district. This is the seat formerly held by Kirsten Gillibrand, who was appointed to Hillary Clinton's old Senate seat.

The 20th CD is in the Albany-Saratoga Springs-Hudson Valley area, and Tedisco is ahead in independent polls. He gained national recognition when he led the fight against former Gov. Spitzer's bizarre plan to give drivers licenses to illegal alines. The election will be on March 31.

If Tedisco wins this formerly Democratic seat, it will be seen as a defeat for Barack Obama and his far-left policies. Thus, it's a contest that matters to all of us. Find out about Jim at his web site (

If you can make a small contribution, please do so.

As I suggested earlier, Sarah's interests dovetail with Jim's. There's a strong possibility she will campaign for him soon in the 20th. I hope everyone will visit and the Tedisco web site. The process of taking back the country and of making the American Dream a reality (instead of a fading vision) has begun. The congressional race in NY's 20th District, far away for most of us, is one that will help determine our nation's future.

(Please pass this on to your political allies. Thanks for your help.)

- Steve Maloney

Friday, March 6, 2009

Don't let e-verify go down the tubes!!! Expires TODAY.

Request From our friends at WAM


The E-Verify Program, on which businesses across the country rely to screen employment of illegal aliens expires this Friday, March 6.

E-Verify has been in use since 1997 by businesses nationwide - but Congress appears to be 'hoping' Americans won't notice that they removed the extension of this regulation from the "Stimulus Plan" and the issue has been ignored and screened out of Mass Media news coverage.

LET'S SHOW WASHINGTON WE ARE PAYING ATTENTION and we are opposed to the hiring of illegal aliens.

SIGN the Urgent E-VERIFY PETITION Now - and send this link to your friends to sign on in support of this "Smart Business Practice."