Tuesday, September 16, 2008

99 percent say Sarah Palin is being picked on!

Greta Van Susteren had a poll tonight and asked:

It is one thing to disagree with Gov. Palin about her policies or her experience, but are some people just being downright nasty to her?

As of just a few minutes ago:

Yes 99% (41852 votes)
No 1% (600 votes)
Total Votes: 42452

Have you noticed the hype has died down just a bit? It's because they may be slow, real slow, real real slow, but finally some on the left are realizing they're kicking themselves in the butt. I don't think anyone's going to get through to the Huffington Post, Koz, Salon and all the rest, but the Dem's will get their talking points to their mass leaders and the masses will fall into step.

The poll is very telling about the perception of the public.

I watched the Todd Palin interview last night and tonight. It is clear he is one cool dude. Sarah and Todd are everyday Americans living on the frontier with the values some are working hard to make disappear. We need Todd, Sarah, Cindy and John in the White House!

One of the things Greta talked about tonight was why so many women's groups hated Sarah. I think it's because they are threatened by a truly strong woman. Women are the world's worst at being jealous of superior women. A lot of women have a hard time having a woman for a boss and you all know we pick on other women's clothes, their hair styles and the way they act unmercifully.

Groups like NOW spawn a sense of worth and give some women a cause. They are often bitter, mad and angry people who feel the world has hurt them and dumped on them. Rather than move ahead and do better they glomb into a group and yell together. They are weak but because they yell a lot and have others to support them and give them an identity, they feel strong.

Sarah Palin is independent, smart, a go-getter and she's pretty to boot. She has it all and they are jealous. It wouldn't matter whether she had their same values or not, just by virtue of being a strong woman she lost their vote and support.

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