Saturday, April 10, 2010

Victory Lip (Blackwell on the REAL reason behind ObamaCare)

Byron York of The Washington Examiner has done us all a great service. His column draws on the unguarded statements of Sen. Max Baucus and former Gov. Howard Dean. (Well, Baucus, maybe. It’s hard to say whether Howlin’ Howard has ever made a guarded statement.)

Both of these men’s statements might have been lost in the clamor following the passage of President Obama’s historic healthcare bill. What York has done is to dash into the fire and pluck out some of these red-hot quotes. “Health reform is ‘an income shift. It is a shift, a leveling, to help lower income, middle income Americans.’” Baucus, normally seen as a Democratic centrist, let the Marxist cat out of the liberal bag.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Transportation Bill: Could cost up to $500 billion...

Hubsmith Speaks at DOT Meeting on the 2010 Federal Transportation Bill: Improving Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

Can Create Safe and Livable Communities All Across America

Los Angeles: Today, Deb Hubsmith, Director of the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, is a panelist at the safety session at the US DOT transportation bill reauthorization outreach session in Los Angeles. Read her comments here.

The outreach meeting is being hosted by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and Senator Boxer, Chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee which is charged with drafting the Senate version of the transportation bill. The federal government is holding these outreach sessions to help craft the next big federal transportation bill, which could cost up to $500 billion and provides funding to states for highways, transit, bikeways and bridges.

In her panelist remarks which will be given in the afternoon, Deb points out that issues with bicycle and pedestrian safety are rooted in how we allocate transportation dollars at the national level. Nationwide, just 1.2 percent of funds authorized under the federal transportation law, SAFETEA-LU, have been allocated for projects to improve the safety of walking and bicycling, even though pedestrians and bicyclists comprise 13 percent of all traffic deaths and 12 percent of total trips. This safety issue has become so extreme because in the United States, the design of streets and roads has largely ignored human factors, including considerations for how pedestrians and bicyclists can cross the street and travel to designations like schools, shopping, and work places. Now there is an increasing recognition that we need a sea of change in how our roadways are designed – we need to create complete streets and safe routes to school.

Deb calls for increased investment in Safe Routes to School, Transportation Enhancements, and Active Transportation Networks, and makes policy recommendations about the need for a fair share for safety, access to transit and complete streets. She points out the need for improved design guidelines, reduced speeds, and increased leadership at national, state and local levels. She also shows how investments in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure have increased use of these modes while also vastly improving safety and livability of communities.

Hubsmith says, “The cornerstone to livability in America is creating safe communities where people can walk and bicycle. An indicator for livability is – can our children can walk or bicycle to schools? Active transportation is critical to increasing levels of healthy exercise and reducing obesity and heart disease. The Safe Routes to School National Partnership looks forward to working with the US DOT, Congress, the President and the First Lady on developing a transportation agenda that will create a safe and healthy America.”

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Freedom Works: Stop ObamaCare: Important Update!

Earlier this week, the Finance Committee filed their version of ObamaCare. Clocking in at 1,502 pages, the bill contains cuts to Medicare and Medicare Advantage, fines on those who do not purchase their own insurance, taxes on many private insurance plans, taxes on medical devices and drugs, and new taxes on employers. This is a far cry from the campaign promise President Obama made when he said he would not raise taxes on those earning less than $250,000.

And that’s just the beginning. Visit our Virtual War-Room to Take Action!

ObamaCare supporters in the House and Senate are working on their strategies to include a public option and other heavy-handed, big government regulations into their final bills. In the end, it all adds up to the same thing…government-run health care.

In the Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid is attempting to hide the enormous costs of ObamaCare by breaking-out some of the more expensive measures like the Medicare Doctor Fix into separate legislation. The Congressional Budget Office has already estimated the bare-bones version of the bill will cost $800 billion, but the real cost is actually much higher when you add up all the things they are trying to move separately. Reid has also indicated he will circumvent the U.S. Constitution, which requires bills like this to begin in the House, by stripping the text of another unrelated bill already passed by the House and inserting the health care overhaul as an amendment. As Obama and his cronies on the Left inch closer to bringing ObamaCare to a vote, Congress needs to hear from you now more than ever. We’ve updated and improved our virtual war-room where you can call your Congressmen, Senators, as well as specific targets we feel will be critical to the final outcome. They all need to know that far from giving up and accepting their watered-down policies – we’ve only just begun.

Representatives and Senators need to hear from you not only on the phone, and via email and traditional mail – but in their own backyards. A district office visit doesn’t take long, and is a very important step that shows you are serious about preserving our freedoms. Many folks are having trouble getting through to their Congressmen on the phone – some offices are no longer answering, other lines are jammed. If they won’t listen when we call, then you need to show up on their doorsteps!

Take action and look at all the ways you can have an impact on this issue in our virtual war room.

Dick Armey

Friday, October 16, 2009

Herman Cain: We Can Read! Give Us 72 Hours To Do So!

Hello Intelligent Thinkers,

Nancy Pelosi is at it again! Now, she and the Democrat leaders in the House do not want the public to have at least 72 hours to read a bill before they take a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives.

A "Discharge Petition" would require that non-emergency bills be posted on the internet for at least 72 hours before a House vote. House Resolution 554 would do just that but it needs 218 Congressmen to sign it and the Resolution does not have enough signatures yet.

"We the People Can Read" shows who has signed it and who has not. Please go to the site and scroll down to your state and see if your Member of Congress has signed the Resolution. If they have not, PLEASE call them and ask them to sign it, and if they say no then ask them WHY NOT.

It is an insult to the public for Members of Congress to NOT read bills before they vote for them, and a double insult for Nancy Pelosi and others to deny the public the right to read the bills.

My Congressman has already signed the Resolution, PLEASE check and follow-up with your Congressman today.

THANKS for lending your voice!

Herman Cain - Head Coach
Intelligent Thinkers Movement
(Nearly 45,000 members)

Write to all of your federal officials at once!

Go to, enter your zip and select "Federal" under the "Write Your Elected Officials" heading. (Unselect the check box of those who you do not want to receive your note.)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ask NBC, What Does Jay Leno Have Against Pregnant Women?

As the king of late night comedy, Jay Leno has few living peers. He is watched and beloved by millions of American viewers, which makes it difficult to understand his support for an organization that seeks to shut down facilities that have as their sole purpose to give a home and guidance to young ladies who find themselves pregnant with nowhere else to go.

On April 29th Jay Leno and his wife are hosting a fundraiser for the Feminist Majority Foundation, a radical pro-abortion group that not only advocates for abortion on demand, but also for the closing of pro-life pregnancy centers.

This month the Feminist Majority Foundation sent an e-mail to its 400 campus affiliates planning a nationwide protest against facilities that dare to offer women alternatives to abortion and the support they need to choose life.

Please let NBC know that is unacceptable and that you will not watch any show that stars Jay Leno until he apologizes to the hundreds of thousands of people who have been helped by pregnancy care centers and the hundreds of thousands of people who staff those centers.

Please contact Jeff Zucker, NBC Chief Executive, and ask him why his star, Jay Leno, is raising money for an organization that attacks pregnancy care centers.

Tony Perkins

Thursday, March 26, 2009

In support of Jim Tedisco

We're in a race for the life of our country. Where's the race? New York. But, just because it's not in your state doesn't mean it's not important. Oh no, this one is critically important to every freedom loving person in the United States.

Right now in Congress we are woefully outnumbered and are being out maneuvered with the help of the media and Obama's civilian army. We need every single seat we can get and this one is critical. It's huge. It's important. So, so very important. I can't stress how important.

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, the Democratic Party, Obama and every liberal lefty from ACORN to Soros are trying to win this seat.

We can win it but not without the help of patriots across the country. If you can man the phones and call potential voters, volunteer. If all you can do is send a $10 donation, send it. If you have relatives in New York, call them.

Go to his website and sign up to volunteer or donate. Here's a link to make a donation (doesn't matter how small, although $1 won't cover the cost of processing the donation so try for a bit more please):