Monday, October 20, 2008

Stealing the election

If Barack Obama can't win the election by golly, he'll steal the election.

There are reports of tactics being used by Democrats across the country that are downright scary. They want this election so badly there are no lows to low for these shysters.

I heard today that they are sending operatives from states that Obama has in the win column to swing states to register as residents. They vote there then head home and vote in their home state, too. Even if they don't or can't vote in their home state, they've affected the outcome in a swing state.

They're going into prisons to register crooks and creeps and they're picking up the homeless and turning them into voters for one election.

It's not just ACORN out there trying to twist and steal the election, it's operatives across the country.

I've been through a lot of elections and I have never heard of one where someone was willing to go to such lengths.

Our country is in big trouble.

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