Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A walk with a friend and a talk about politics

I was walking with a friend yesterday trying to jiggle off a few stubborn pounds. The discussion turned to politics, which is not surprising if I'm walking and talking. Usually I'm the one who weaves it into a conversation, but this time my friend brought it up by saying things were looking bad for John McCain.

As the conversation progressed I realized she was a lightweight, typical voter. She only knew what she saw in the headlines and on the news. She was a surface skimmer.

It is scary to think about how many people across the country are thinking they know enough to vote based on what is spoon-fed to them by the main stream media. Very scary.

How do you get the word out when the media is blocking your every move? How do you reach people who only care about where they're going for dinner tonight or which show they'll watch on TV?

I talked with her at length about things, but I could tell she just thought I was a wonk. She didn't buy into some of the things I said, which is OK as I do understand that when you start talking about the media blocking and turning the news that it starts to sound like your a conspiracy theorist or going over the edge.

The good news is that she is voting for John McCain despite it all. I hope there are lots like her who will overlook the brainwashing and stand on principle.

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