Friday, December 12, 2008

Interesting Comments on the Call to Boycott Alabama Due to Bailout Stance

In Response To Part 1
Dec 11th, 2008
by Bradley Hankins. was developed in response to Alabama Senator Richard Shelby response to the Big 3 Automakers (Chrysler, GM, and Ford) asking for the United States government to bail them out of the current mess they have gotten themselves in. They state that their mission is “to demonstrate Senator Shelby what the result will be by not supporting the state of Alabama and its industries.”

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The Ripley Porch said...

So in the broad scheme of things.....I think this is a boycott on a 6-cylinder engine....with barely three cylinders running. The brakes are barely functional.....the windows are stuck in a permanent rolled-down position.....the key works only after jabbing it in forty times....the trunk lock is non-functional and has been for a dozen years.....and if lucky, you might get fifteen miles per gallon. So drive on with this far as you can....until your GM car halts by the side of the road.

Anticipate this....if you are Joe the GM Boycott Bama king, and halted on the side of the road in Bama....we'll naturally pick you up and carry over to the gas station. If things don't work out....we'll invite you to the front porch and share a ice-tea with you. We'll talk over septic tanks, brake pads, NASCAR, and college football. We won't treat you in any ill fashion because of your lousy boycott....we'll even overlook your politics (ifing you were Republican).....and just act awful nice toward you. You might be shocked at how friendly we folks are....even if boycotted....but then, that why we are what we are.