Thursday, December 18, 2008

Google Truths re Obama?

I have set up Google alerts on various topics, Obama being one. In today's compilation of stories on Obama the following were listed in the order I've printed and when I read the titles one after the other, found it funny and possibly closer to the true state of things than I'd like.

Latin America leaders tell Obama to end Cuba embargo
Washington Post - United States
By Raymond Colitt COSTA DO SAUIPE, Brazil (Reuters) - Latin American leaders called on President-elect Barack Obama on Wednesday to lift the 46-year-old US ...

Russia Plans to Test Obama, US Diplomat Says
New York Times - United States... a missile shield in Europe, and it looks ready to test the administration of President-elect Barack Obama, a senior American diplomat said Wednesday. ...

Obama focuses on alternative energy and environment
Reuters - USA
By Deborah Charles CHICAGO (Reuters) - Insisting on the need to develop new forms of energy, US President-elect Barack Obama on Monday chose as his energy ...

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