Friday, October 16, 2009

Herman Cain: We Can Read! Give Us 72 Hours To Do So!

Hello Intelligent Thinkers,

Nancy Pelosi is at it again! Now, she and the Democrat leaders in the House do not want the public to have at least 72 hours to read a bill before they take a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives.

A "Discharge Petition" would require that non-emergency bills be posted on the internet for at least 72 hours before a House vote. House Resolution 554 would do just that but it needs 218 Congressmen to sign it and the Resolution does not have enough signatures yet.

"We the People Can Read" shows who has signed it and who has not. Please go to the site and scroll down to your state and see if your Member of Congress has signed the Resolution. If they have not, PLEASE call them and ask them to sign it, and if they say no then ask them WHY NOT.

It is an insult to the public for Members of Congress to NOT read bills before they vote for them, and a double insult for Nancy Pelosi and others to deny the public the right to read the bills.

My Congressman has already signed the Resolution, PLEASE check and follow-up with your Congressman today.

THANKS for lending your voice!

Herman Cain - Head Coach
Intelligent Thinkers Movement
(Nearly 45,000 members)

Write to all of your federal officials at once!

Go to, enter your zip and select "Federal" under the "Write Your Elected Officials" heading. (Unselect the check box of those who you do not want to receive your note.)

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