Thursday, March 26, 2009

In support of Jim Tedisco

We're in a race for the life of our country. Where's the race? New York. But, just because it's not in your state doesn't mean it's not important. Oh no, this one is critically important to every freedom loving person in the United States.

Right now in Congress we are woefully outnumbered and are being out maneuvered with the help of the media and Obama's civilian army. We need every single seat we can get and this one is critical. It's huge. It's important. So, so very important. I can't stress how important.

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, the Democratic Party, Obama and every liberal lefty from ACORN to Soros are trying to win this seat.

We can win it but not without the help of patriots across the country. If you can man the phones and call potential voters, volunteer. If all you can do is send a $10 donation, send it. If you have relatives in New York, call them.

Go to his website and sign up to volunteer or donate. Here's a link to make a donation (doesn't matter how small, although $1 won't cover the cost of processing the donation so try for a bit more please):

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