Saturday, November 1, 2008

The No-Sense of Ad-Sense

I have been wandering around various conservative blogs over the past few weeks and have noticed that quite a few are using Ad Sense (Ads by Google). What struck me as I looked is that the majority of the ads are FOR Obama. Here's one that's on a strongly conservative, Pro-McCain, pro-Palin site:

All Barack Obama Videos
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Barack Obama Latest News
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Barack Obama in 2008
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Obama Biden in '08
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"#1 Wrinkle Cream Winner"
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I had to wonder about the last ad, wrinkle cream? Is that a jab or just a coincidence?

One site I visited had the regular color ads on the side. I could go and donate money to Obama from the pro-Palin site by clicking the huge color ad.

Most of us are aware that Google is owned by a strong Obama supporter. Most of us are very aware that for some strange reason pro-McCain blogs just never get into the search engines unless you float back to the very back pages - maybe.

As conservative bloggers, we need to think about who and what is being advertised on our sites. I know we're good people and feel that it's the least we can do to somewhat offset the fact that we're using the blogs at no cost (how do they make their money? advertising?).

Maybe we need to ask for a way to tie the ads to our blogs a bit better. Right now they're simply picking up words that you type and grabbing associated ads. We should be able to ask for ads that fit our values, too.

Check your ads and think about the message you're sending and who you're really helping with those ads.

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